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Here is some information to get you started:

Members were mailed a new Debit Mastercard mid-December 2023 to replace all existing Flex Card Debit Cards. All old cards will be deactivated and closed out on February 25th, 2024, and will no longer work for transactions or logging into online banking or the mobile app.

If you did not receive a new Debit Mastercard to replace your old card by mail, please contact our Member Assistance team via live chat (in the bottom right of your screen) or by phone at 519-944-7333 before February 25th.

If you have received your card and have not yet activated it, please do so before February 25th. Please review the information provided with the card and below to start taking advantage of all your new card has to offer!

Your Existing PIN

The PIN from your existing Flex Card Debit Card has been carried over to your new Flex Debit Mastercard®. Your new card is ready to use right away!

Activate Your Card for Online Transactions and Interac® Flash Transactions

With your new Flex Debit Mastercard®, you can take advantage of transacting online! Before you can start using your new card for online transactions, you must first activate your card by performing a transaction using your PIN at a point-of-sale terminal in-store, at a Motor City ATM or at an Exchange Network ATM.

You will also need to perform a PIN transaction at a point-of-sale terminal in-store before you can begin paying using the tap to pay Interac® Flash functionality. If your existing Flex Card Debit Card had Interac® Flash tapping capabilities turned off, this setting has been transferred over to your new card. 

Online Banking and Mobile App Login

After receiving your new card, login to your online banking and mobile app using your new Flex Debit Mastercard® number. Your existing password and profile settings (such as e-Transfer contacts, alerts, etc.) will be in place once you login using your new card details.

If you use the Remember Me/Saved Logins feature, you will be required to save your new Debit Mastercard® number and remove your old Flex Card Debit Card number once completed.

  • To remember/save the new card: click on “Login to a Different Account” and be sure to click “Remember Me” before clicking “Login.”
  • To remove previously remembered/saved cards: click on “Manage Login Profiles” and delete any old cards.

Web browsers like Chrome or Safari may also be storing your previous debit card number and password for login. You will have to update this in your browser settings.

Having trouble with Quickview or biometric login in the mobile app? If this is not working after logging in with your new card, it is best to reset these features and set them up again. To do so, go to Settings > App Reset, and after this, you can re-enable Quickview and biometric login with no further issues.

Your Previous Debit Card

Previous debit cards will continue to remain active and functional until February 2024 to allow members time to transition to the new Debit Mastercard®.  After you have successfully used your new Flex Debit Mastercard for a purchase in-store or at an ATM and you have also been able to login to online banking with your new Flex Debit Mastercard® number, you can destroy your previous debit card.


Add your new card to your Mobile Wallet

Add your Flex Debit Mastercard® to your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay) and delete the old card.


Need more details about Debit Mastercard®?