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Ready to break up with your bank? We know break ups aren’t easy so we are here to help!

Switching financial institutions may seem like a lot of work, but the majority of the process is a lot less painful than you may think. Even for those more complex relationships we are here for you every step of the way.

Here are the steps to make the switch over to Motor City:

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Grab a copy of your latest bank statement and review all the different products you have with them. This will be handy to have with you when you meet with a Motor City Representative.

Review Your Pre-Authorized Transactions

If you are really feeling eager, review our “to-do list” for pre-authorized transactions, commonly referred to as direct deposit, pre-authorized withdrawal, pre-authorized debit, pre-authorized credit, or pre-authorized payment. (Not to worry we are glad to help with this if needed)

Pre-authorized transactions to-do list:

  1. Review your chequing and savings account transaction history from your bank statement and identify all pre-authorized withdrawals and deposits and direct deposits coming in and out of those accounts.
  2. Once you have identified all your pre-authorized transactions, make a list of them with their associated account numbers for each. Use our Switch Assist List to help keep track of everything

Tip: Keep in mind that there may be some other infrequent pre-authorized withdrawals and deposits like government or health benefit payments that you may have to identify by going further back in your account history.


Once you have reviewed your bank statements, contact us to set up an appointment to open your new Motor City account(s).

Prepare for your account opening appointment by gathering the following items:

  • (Required) Two pieces of I.D. with at least one being government issued (with the exception of a health card)
  • As mentioned before, a copy of your current financial intuition’s monthly bank statement and your list of pre-authorized transactions, if completed
  • If you will require any credit products like a loan or line of credit immediately or in the future, a copy of your two most recent pay stubs or your last Notice of Assessment (NOA) will be required
  • Any other loan, mortgage, credit card or investment documentation/statements

At your account opening, a Motor City representative will guide you through the process of moving over to Motor City and give you some insight into what Motor City is all about.

From there, they will set you up with your new account(s) and may utilize our online switching service to help you move your pre-authorized deposits and withdrawals and direct deposits over to Motor City.

Please Note: There will be a transition period that you will need to keep your old accounts open to ensure no pre-authorized withdrawals or deposits are missed as some vendors and companies may take a few weeks to update your banking account information on their end.

With your new account(s) open, we will go over your options for transferring your funds into your new account(s) from your existing financial institution and set you up with other services like online banking and a debit card.

We will then review any other products you have like mortgages, loans, GICs, and other investment that require a little more work on our end to move. We'll develop a plan together to gradually move those products over to avoid penalties and fees associated with closing or moving those products.

Now for the most important step: start enjoying the benefits of banking with a credit union! See, not so scary after all.