I warrant and confirm to you that the information given herein is in all respects true, accurate and complete.  I understand that it is being used to determine my credit worthiness.  I authorize you to obtain any information you may require from any source and each source is hereby authorized to provide you with any information you require.  You are hereby authorized to retain this application for Credit Union records.

Each of my assets is shown at its present fair market value and I own all such assets.  I am not being sued and there are no judgements or executions against me.  If any part of this statement is incorrect or if there is a breach of this agreement, then I hereby agree with you that all my present and future indebtedness to Motor City Community Credit Union shall become due and payable without notice or demand.

The applicant(s) acknowledge that any appraisal obtained in connection with this application is obtained for mortgage purposes.  The cost is to be borne by the applicant(s) and any such appraisal becomes the sole property of Motor City Community Credit Union. I authorize you, your affiliates, service providers and others you may designate to monitor and/or record my telephone conversations with any of your or their representatives to help ensure quality service.  I understand that to evaluate my credit application and to continue monitoring my credit status, and for the purposes I consent to below (the “object of the file”), a personal information file containing credit and other personal information will be created.  Only those employees of you and your affiliates whose job functions involve assessment of creditworthiness, credit applications, monitoring, processing of payments and matters relating to the object of the file, will have access to my file.  If I wish to consult my file or make corrections to it I may do so by written request at the following address: Motor City Community Credit Union – Head Office, 6701 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ont. N8T1E8.  My social insurance number will be used as an aid to identify me with credit bureaus and others for credit history file matching and other administrative purposes.  I acknowledge that I am not required to provide that number to you for these purposes.  

I Consent To, And Accept This As Written Notice Of, Your Obtaining, Disclosing Or Exchanging Any Credit, Personal Or Other Information About Me (Including Information Contained In My Personal Information File) At Any Time, From, To Or With Any Credit Bureau, Personal Information Agent, Credit Grantor Or Insurer, My Employer Or Other Person In Connection With Any Relationships Between Us Or Those Which You Or I May Wish To Establish.

You, your affiliates and service providers may use any of the information relating to me or my Account to maintain and administer my Account, to offer services and enhancements, and for any purpose not prohibited by law.  I also consent to the use and disclosure at any time of all such personal and other information: (i) for purposes of offering me any other product of yours or of anyone else (including your affiliates and networking agents or principals), that you believe may be of interest to me;  (ii) to determine which Account benefits, services or enhancements, and/or which other product or service offers may be of interest to me; (iii) to share with potential and actual purchasers from you of my loans; and (iv) for such other uses as are not prohibited by law.


“The granting of the Loan or any part thereof or approval for insurance by a High Ratio Mortgage Insurer is not to be construed or relied on by the borrower(s) and any guarantor(s) as representing a confirmation of the value or condition of the underlying property, whether or not appraisals or inspections are carried out by or for a High Ratio Mortgage Insurer; nor is it to be construed or relied on by the borrower(s) and any guarantor(s) as representing a confirmation of the borrower(s) and any guarantor(s) ability to pay the loan.  

All information obtained from or concerning the borrower(s) and any guarantor(s) in connection with approving the Loan, including credit bureau information, will be accessible to and may be used by a High Ratio Mortgage Insurer for any purpose related to the provision of mortgage insurance generally; the borrower(s) and any guarantor(s) hereby consent thereto.  Any information retained by a High Ratio Mortgage Insurer in that regard will be subject to federal access to information and privacy legislation”

If this loan is granted, I hereby authorize Motor City Community Credit Union (the”Credit Union”) to charge my account on each regular payment date, for the purpose of making payments on my loan and payments of insurance premiums, if any, offered under the Group Policy issued to the Credit Union.

Each payment shall be processed on each due date for my loan and I agree that the Credit Union shall charge a fee to my account for each payment not honoured due to insufficient funds in the account.