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Flex Card Debit Card

Your Flex Card debit card provides safe and secure access to your account(s) through a worldwide network of ATMs and most retail merchants in Canada and the US. It gives you the freedom to access your funds instantly, and the control to spend only what you can afford. All you need is your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you can obtain and/or change any time at your local MCCCU branch.

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimizes the need to carry cash
  • Anyone 16 and older can obtain a Flex Card. Parental consent is required to obtain a Flex Card if you are under the age of 16
  • A Flex Card can be linked to a YouthSave Account with parental consent
  • Our Interac Flash® enabled Flex Card allows you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding your Flex Card in front of the reader at checkout. To read more about Interac Flash security click here
  • THE EXCHANGE® Network: A shared network of full-service ATMs include National Bank, HSBC Bank, Mac’s/Circle K convenient stores, and the majority of all credit unions in Canada in all 10 provinces across the country. These ATMs allow members both withdrawal and deposit functions on a surcharge-free basis. Free is always good
  • U.S. Accel ATM Network: Visiting the USA? You also have access to 500,000 Accel ATMs in the United States1
  • Worldwide ATM Networks: Can’t find an EXCHANGE® Network or Accel ATM? Check the back of your card for other ATM networks your Flex Card will work with1
  • Easy PIN Changes - You can change your PIN at most Credit Union ATMs, including Motor City’s ATMs. Looking to change your PIN and not close to a Motor City location? You can visit other Credit Union Branches across Canada to do so

Use our ATM Search to see where you can use your Flex Card 


Interac® Flash Security Highlights

Interac has measures in place to ensure Flash is one of the most secure methods of payment. This includes:

  • Zero Liability Policy – if you have you card stolen or misplace it and unauthorized Flash transactions take place you will be reimbursed 100% of your loss. Read the policy here
  • Single Transaction Spend Limit – single transactions cannot exceed $250, if they do the transaction will require the card to be inserted with the chip and authorized by your PIN. Note: Some merchants may have set different single transaction limits than $250
  • Cumulative Transaction Spend Limit – Cumulative transactions under $250 can be made up to a limit of $400. Once the $400 limit is reached the transaction will require the card to be inserted with the chip and authorized by your PIN
  • Specially design technology to protect it from electronic pick pocketing attacks

Find out more about Interac Flash Security


Interac Flash Security Explained