Banking System Conversion

Our Banking System Conversion is now complete. Please use the information provided below as a refresher of all of the changes.

We appreciate your support during this exciting time and are looking forward to continuing to help you reach your financial goals.

Click below to set up Memorized Accounts and Saved Logins in the Mobile App

Setting up a Memorized Account on a Desktop Computer Expand/Collapse

If you want to set up a Memorized Account on a desktop computer follow these steps:

Step 1. On a desktop, you need to "Add a Memorized Account"
Step 1

Step 2. Give it a nickname and enter in your debit card number.

Step 2

Step 3. A new screen will come up. Click "Return to Login"

Step 3

Step 4. Then enter in your PAC to log in. If you're logging in for the first time you will need to enter in new security questions. Follow those steps and you will be good to go.

Setting up Saved Logins in the Mobile App Expand/Collapse

If you are having trouble logging in on the mobile app, follow these steps.

If you have never used Saved Logins and want to set one up skip to Step 5.

Step 1. Click Settings

Step 1

Step 2. Click "Saved Logins"

Step 2

Step 3. Delete your previously saved login

Step 3

Step 4. Confirm Delete

Step 4

Step 5. Create New Login

Step 5

Step 6. Enter your Debit Card Number, turn on "Rmember Me" and give it a Nickname

Step 6

Step 7. Enter your PAC

Step 7

Step 8. If you are logging in for the first time you will be prompted to enter new security questions


Info about the System Conversion

What is a banking system and why is ours changing? Expand/Collapse

A banking system is the internal software that we use to manage your daily transactions. Instead of simply updating our current software we are upgrading to an entirely different system with new and better features. Staff will find the system easier to use and more efficient. Members will gain access to new and in-demand services while adding additional safeguards to an already secure system.

Will my money be safe? Expand/Collapse

Yes. As always, your peace of mind is our utmost concern. We have taken the proper steps to ensure that your account data will transfer over to the new system correctly. Closing down access to some services over the weekend provides even greater security.

Even though conversions are a normal banking practice, we understand you may have questions. For your peace of mind you may want to retain all of your statements to double-check that all your accounts are as they should be. Staff can access transactions on the old system if you need this information. Some changes may make certain things appear slightly different on statements or within online banking. If you have any concerns or need further clarification, please contact your branch.

What will not be changing? Expand/Collapse

The following will continue to function as usual:

  • Member Numbers
  • Mastercard® Credit Card
  • Personal Cheques
  • Direct Deposits
  • Pre-authorized Transactions
  • Your bill payment vendors and nicknames in online banking

What to expect during conversion weekend, June 1 – 4

During the transition to our new system there will be some service interruptions. Online banking will not be available over the conversion weekend from 6pm on Friday, June 1 until Monday morning, June 4.

Please Note: E-transfer services will be unavailable starting at 5:30 PM on Friday, June 1. Please make sure to send or receive before this time.

All retail branches will be open until 6:00 PM on Friday, June 1 for any transactions you need to make before the conversion.

Debit card, point-of-sale transactions, and ATM deposits and withdraws will be unavailable during conversion weekend

You will be unable to perform any online banking or ATM transactions the entire weekend. This includes paying bills, transferring funds, checking your account balance, e-transfers, ATM deposits and withdrawals, and point-of-sale purchases.

Have an alternative form of payment such as a credit card or cash available to you throughout conversion weekend.

All branches will be CLOSED on Monday, June 4

Our Tecumseh Rd East branch that would normally open on Saturdays will be closed. All branches will reopen for regular business hours on Tuesday, June 5.

What can I expect after the conversion?

Your in-branch experience won’t change. However, there is the potential for line-ups in the branches in the week after conversion while our staff get used to working on the new system. If you can delay in-branch services like official cheques, that would reduce your wait time. We appreciate you being patient and bearing with us!

If you visit a branch and your questions are online banking related, feel free to bring your device with you and use our newly installed WIFI. A representative will help you answer any issues that may arise.

Below you will find important updates. Please click to read about each.

Paper Statements Expand/Collapse

You will receive your regular statement for May in the beginning of June. Your June statement and those to follow will be in a new format but will contain the same information you are currently used to seeing.

Cheques and Pre-Authorized Transactions Expand/Collapse

Your current paper cheques for your accounts will continue to work without issue.

All of your current pre-authorized credits and debits will continue to work so there is no need to change any of these. Examples include your payroll deposit, gym membership payments or any other automatic bill payments.

Please Note: You will require a new encoding for any NEW direct deposits or pre-authorized credits and debits. Contact your branch to receive your new encoding.

Telephone Banking Expand/Collapse

As of June 1 telephone banking will no longer be available. The new banking system does not support it.

Online Banking Expand/Collapse

All account history you see in online banking will no longer be available after the conversion. You will still have access to five years of historical statements in online banking, but account history will only be from dates post conversion. Should you want to keep any account history, you will have to download it using the “Export to...” tool found in the right hand column in online banking for all accounts before 6:00 PM on June 1. You will be able to easily download any account information you require for specific date ranges and in different file formats.

Export To image
Export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, etc.

Staff will have access to archives from our old system should you require something that is not found on your statements. Please visit a branch to access this information after conversion.

Will I access my online banking the same way?

After conversion you will have to use the full number on the face of your debit card as your ID. Your Personal Access Code (PAC) will remain the same if you have successfully logged into online banking after June 1, 2017. For security purposes, if you have not had a successful log in during the past year, you will need to visit a branch to receive a new PAC for online banking.

Member Card
Please Note: This method of logging in is common among financial institutions, and adds even more safeguards to an already secure channel.

I don't have a debit card, will I still be able to access online banking?

Yes. You will be issued an online banking access number provided in a letter at a later date. Should you not receive this number by May 25, please contact your branch.

How do you make logging in easier?

If you like, you can set your computer/device to remember your login ID (your debit card or online banking access number) using the “Add a Memorized Account” feature on a computer and the “Remember Me” feature in the mobile app; you will still have to enter your PAC.

    Please Note: Only utilize this feature on trusted computers such as your home or personal computer. DO NOT use this feature for public computers.

Remember – every member has their own debit card or online banking access number and PAC. When you sign in, you will see all of your accounts, including those you are joint on.

If you already use this feature on your trusted devices, please note that they will NOT be carried over and will need to be set up again. If your old Memorized Account is still displayed, simply click on “Manage Memorized Accounts” and delete any old saved accounts. If you use the “Quickview” feature on our mobile app you will need to set this up again once the conversion is complete.

Your enhanced login security questions will be reset. When you long into online banking for the first time after conversion, you will need to choose new security questions. Setting up the enhanced login security features is easy. You’ll be guided through the set up process like you did when you first set these up.

Will my accounts appear the same in online banking?

All account information will be the exact same, but you will notice a slight change with the name of some accounts and the “Account Number”. The account number you had previously may not match up exactly to the new one and that is ok. Everything else with the account is the exact same, such as your balance and features.

Currently, if you are joint on another member’s account, your accounts and the joint accounts display in separate lists. The new system will display all of your accounts and the accounts which your are joint on in one list. It may appear that you are missing accounts but they are now combined into one list.

    Tip: To help distinguish accounts, you can add a description to any account such as “Terry’s Primary Chequing” or “Mary’s Car Loan.” You can do this under the “My Accounts” list and click on “Rename Accounts.” This can be done now or after conversion.

The interest rate on your savings accounts and loans may display 0% the first day the system is back up. This will correct itself overnight and will display the correct interest rate the following morning.

If you had a locked in RRSP or RRIF, your account will now display as a LIRA and LIF respectively. Please contact your Financial Services Representative with any questions regarding this.

Some accounts and loans that would be overdrawn or not paid on time, would show a “PAST DUE” message on the main account page in online banking. After conversion, this feature will no longer be available so we ask all members to keep a close eye on your accounts.

Your e-transfer recipient list and your sender profile will be brought over. There may be some cases where some recipients and profiles may be lost but we are working to ensure all are carried over. If yours did not carry over you will need to add this again.

All of your bill payment vendors such as EnWin or Cogeco will be carried over.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) will have the same functionality but will be disabled until approximately June 13 to configure it to our new banking system. Follow our website and social media channels for updates on when PFM will be back up and running. When you log into online banking between June 4 and 13 you will notice it will look the same as it used to before we upgraded to PFM. There will be no Partner Accounts, External Accounts or Assets and Liabilities. These will reappear on June 13. However, any data previously set up with PFM will not carry over and will need to be re-added.

    Tip: Take a screen shot or copy and paste the information you had set up previously with PFM as reminder to help you easily set them up again.

If you have an account nickname or alternate description these will remain the same.

Will there be any new features?

A new Inter-member Transfer feature will be introduced with the new system. It will allow you to transfer funds through online banking to another Motor City member’s account. This feature will allow you to send immediate, recurring, and scheduled transfers to another Motor City member for FREE and without having any access or control over each others accounts. This is perfect for parents who want to transfer funds to their children or for roommates who need to send rent money. Contact your branch after conversion to have this feature set up.

Another new feature that’s being introduced is the ability to cancel bill payments you made online or in a branch until 11:59 PM on the day you initiated it. Once you pay a bill, they will display in the right hand column of your main “My Accounts” area in the “Scheduled Bill Payments & Transfers” box. Simply click on the bill payment you want to reverse and delete it. Motor City members will also now have access to a larger list of bill payments vendors form across Canada.

Service Charges Expand/Collapse

The majority of service charges are not changing. What is changing is when you get charged. After conversion, transactions that carry a service charge performed in-branch, online, and at ATMs for all accounts will be charged at the end of each month as one lump sum.

    Example: Currently, if you use an ATM that’s not part of The Exchange® Network three separate times in a single month, you receive a charge of $1.50 each time. After conversion, these charges will be grouped and you will receive a single $4.50 charge at the end of the month.

Avoid unnecessary service charges! Find out more about our FreeFlex Account here

Did you know, that Motor City is part of The Exchange® Network? You can use any other Credit Union’s ATM to deposit and withdraw funds for FREE. Also, many local Mac’s Convenience Stores are part of this network and you can withdraw cash surcharge-free!

You can use the “Find Us” feature in our mobile app to find an Exchange® Network ATM or Credit Union. If you are still not sure if an ATM is on The Exchange® Network, just look for this logo:

Exchange Logo
After conversion, if you cancel an e-transfer your service charge will not be reversed. If you have a Flex+ or Flex62+ account and you cancel an e-transfer, it will still count towards your count of five free for the month.

Where can I find more information during conversion weekend?

A conversion project is complex and many things can change. Please visit our website and social media channels for ongoing and important updates regarding the banking conversion.

On conversion weekend, contact us via our Facebook page, email ( or call 519-944-7333. All three channels will have extra support during conversion weekend assisting with questions. When contacting us, have the following information ready:

    • Your name and member number
    • A brief description of your issue or question
    • A phone number where we can reach you

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